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Hi. I'm Jon.

I write kickass copy that helps tech startups increase conversions, reach growth targets and stand out from the crowd.

Tech writer Jon Evans

More than just a copywriter, I’m your ally in the crazy world of marketing. Someone who can:

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Understand and explain your complex technology

in a way that only a total nerd and word wizard can.

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with modern CRO and conversion copywriting principles (and an encore of creativity).

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through smart strategies for email marketing, funnel optimization and content creation.

“Jon worked on web copy for a global launch of two Sony mobile phones. His writing was tight, on-brief, and on-brand. He was able to explain the phone technology clearly and concisely, and we were happy to go live with his copy. I really enjoyed working with him and his team.”

Diana Hernandez, Global Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile Communications

“Jon produces technical, product-focused content of the highest quality for Hotjar. He consistently comes back with content as accurate and detailed as if an internal product writer had produced it. I’ve only been working with Jon for a few months, but I already know I’ll be trying to keep him around for as long as he’ll work with us.”

Lesley Marchant, Content Marketing Manager, Hotjar

“Jon created email copy that helped our team book twice as many meetings at our biggest tradeshow of the year. I recommend speaking with him if you're looking for compelling copy that converts attention into results.”

Josiah Mackenzie, Head of Growth, Duetto

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“Jon not only wrote the copy for our site, but also helped us pivot to a new brand voice. He created cohesive (and compelling) messaging throughout our entire site which has led to a measurable bump in conversions. His professionality, reliability, and most of all scope of comprehension made working with him a pleasure. He can switch between the 50k foot view and the details of prose at will. All in all, whenever we need new copy written up, Jon is our go-to guy”

Matt Struve, Lighter Side of Real Estate

“After thoroughly studying our analytics, Jon recommended a content strategy that turned into a success. The pages he created for us are some of our biggest drivers of traffic and are bringing in leads from our target audience every month, even a year after. 

I recommend Jon to any startups looking to grow with content because he is not only an excellent copywriter, but also a creative strategist and a true problem-solver.”

Anastasiia Shmatina, VP Marketing & Partnerships, Messagenius

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Let's work together

and make your technology the star of the show.

Are you cutting through the noise?

As a tech startup, you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into building great products.

But in today’s world, the businesses with the best ideas don’t always win. Often those with the clearest communication and the smartest brand strategy come out on top.

I can help you be one of those brands. No matter how complex your product is, I’ll explain it in a clear, consistent way, so your message comes through loud and clear. And to make sure you stand out, I’ll give you the unique brand voice you need – whether you want to be witty and eccentric or serious and straightforward.

To simplify your message, I use a personal methodology I’ve developed during years of writing for tech – it’s called CLAPS.

Let’s work together to turn your text up to eleven!

World-class experience, unique qualifications and surprisingly shiny hair…could this be the rare copywriter you’re looking for? 

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