My writing process incorporates a unique method for explaining your product in a clear, easily-digestible way. In reality, it involves a lot of different copywriting techniques – what you see here is a quick summary.



Complicated ideas can be turned into analogies that everyone understands. They can also be rearranged into memorable acronyms – like CLAPS!



Sophisticated verbiage adds complexity to conversation and reduces comprehension. (Huh?). I use simple, action-based language, so your audience only has to read once.



If I said that Pablo Escobar was rich, you’d shrug. If I said he spent $2,500 monthly just on elastic bands for wrapping his money up, you’d say ‘wow, that guy was rich!’ By tapping into how the brain processes information, we get the point across faster.


Ever see Pulp Fiction? It’s a great movie, but the scene order is confusing. That won’t work for us. I start in the right place and build up the information in layers, so your audience never gets lost. Everyone lives happily ever after. And you get CLAPS! The End.


The process


For larger projects, or new working relationships, we start with an informal discussion to see whether we’re a good fit for each other.


To ensure everything runs smoothly, we plan out timelines for the work, including dates for delivery and review.


A vital part of the copywriting process. Depending on the project requirements, this may involve me interviewing your team or some of your customers.


I get busy behind the scenes, doing all the writing needed to create your deliverables. My creative process typically involves brainstorming and writing in iterations.


I deliver my initial drafts to you, giving your team a chance to look over everything.


After your review, I tweak or re-write anything that needs updating. Normally I plan for two rounds of reviews/revisions, but this can vary depending on the project.

“In the process of rebranding and finding our new brand voice, Jon did an excellent job of turning our tech talk into a web copy our customers can actually understand, relate to, and something we are very proud of!"

Anja Moskon, Marketing Communications Manager, Adacta

"Jon is always incredibly professional, meets every deadline (no matter how fast the turnaround can sometimes be), is thorough in his work and most of all, delivers what the client is looking for. He is also truly invested in each project and client that he supports."

Jasmine Lyons, Digital Director at Ketchum Global

“Jon worked on web copy for a global launch of two Sony mobile phones. His writing was tight, on-brief, and on-brand. He was able to explain the phone technology clearly and concisely, and we were happy to go live with his copy. I really enjoyed working with him and his team.”

Diana Hernandez, Global Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile Communications

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