How I make your startup stand out

Claps framework for HIGH-voltage copyriting

My CLAPS framework combines four marketing disciplines to ensure your copy is clear, distinct, and convincing.



Let’s turn complex concepts into simple analogies that your audience easily understands. And even make them memorable with catchy acronyms—like CLAPS.



Sophisticated verbiage adds complexity to conversation and reduces comprehension. (Huh?). I use simple, action-based language, so your audience only has to read once.



If I said that Pablo Escobar was rich, you’d shrug. But if I said he spent $2,500 monthly on elastic bands for wrapping up his money, you’d say ‘wow, that guy was rich!’ By tapping into how humans interpret information, I can make your message truly convincing.


Ever see Pulp Fiction? It’s a great movie, but the scene order is confusing. That won’t work for us. I start in the right place and build up the information in layers, so your audience never gets lost. Everyone lives happily ever after. And you get CLAPS! The End.




We discuss what you’d like to achieve. If we’re a good fit, I start by getting to know your company, customers, and market positioning.


I use message mining, surveys, and interviews to research your prospects. We’ll combine this research with insights from your team to centre our messaging decisions around your users.

Message mapping

I work with your team to craft core messages that reflect your unique positioning. They’ll form the basis of your messaging across web, social, email, ad campaigns, and beyond.


I validate your messaging with target audiences by gettingtheir feedback on the core messages we developed.


Based on findings from the previous step, I make any adjustments needed and present finished ideations to your team.


I write the copy you need to market to audiences at keytouchpoints. If we’re working on web copy, I use wireframe mock-ups to give your designers a starting point.

“In the process of rebranding and finding our new brand voice, Jon did an excellent job of turning our tech talk into a web copy our customers can actually understand, relate to, and something we are very proud of!"

Anja Moskon, Marketing Communications Manager, Adacta

Adacta logo

“After thoroughly studying our analytics, Jon recommended a content strategy that turned into a success. The pages he created for us are some of our biggest drivers of traffic and are bringing in leads from our target audience every month, even a year after. 

I recommend Jon to any startups looking to grow with content because he is not only an excellent copywriter, but also a creative strategist and a true problem-solver.”

Photo of Anastasiia

Anastasiia Shmatina, VP Marketing & Partnerships, Messagenius

“Jon not only wrote the copy for our site, but also helped us pivot to a new brand voice. He created cohesive (and compelling) messaging throughout our entire site which has led to a measurable bump in conversions. His professionality, reliability, and most of all scope of comprehension made working with him a pleasure. He can switch between the 50k foot view and the details of prose at will. All in all, whenever we need new copy written up, Jon is our go-to guy”

Picture of Matt Struve

Matt Struve, Lighter Side of Real Estate

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