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Jon Evans

Jon Evans is a tech copywriter and content specialist. Based in Barcelona, Spain, he helps startups and agencies to drive traffic and sales with research-driven marketing materials.


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5 examples of tech websites with killer copywriting

Learn from the businesses that are using creative and/or conversion-focused copy to get ahead.

I spend a lot of time checking out tech websites and decided to share some of the gems I’ve found recently.

All of these sites are straightforward on the surface, but look a little deeper and you’ll see some interesting copywriting techniques in use.

1. Fluidly

Fluidly is an AI-driven SaaS platform that helps businesses manage their finances. Its website is very well thought out, both in terms of visuals and copy.

Fluidly website copywriting

What’s clever about the Fluidly site is the way it uses visual language and metaphors. Notice how the copy uses phrases like ‘Fluidly is by your side’ and ‘see the bigger picture’.

Fluidly body copy copywriting

Using visual language can have a positive psychological impact because of the picture superiority effect—basically, people remember images more than words. Other studies also show that metaphors enhance persuasion.

Fluidly cleverly uses visual metaphors throughout its site, such as the ‘successful fish-catcher’ image below. Metaphors are very helpful in fintech because the marketing messages often involve abstract concepts like ‘forecasting’ and ‘management’. These abstract concepts take more mental energy to process.

Fluidly copywriting visual metaphor

Notice that in the copy above, Fluidly cleverly frames its offer in a conversational way. Instead of talking about ‘forecasting’, it talks about the question of ‘Now what?’. This balances out the more conceptual language in the second paragraph, so the copy holds on to its down-to-earth feel.

2. Sense

Sense is a home energy monitor, sold to consumers through a clean and modern-looking website.

The copy is concise and clear, but what’s nice here is the structure. It provides a great user experience by giving the reader a simple introduction and then building on it in each subsequent section.

Sense website copywriting

When it comes to describing how Sense works, the copy does a great job without getting too technical. The ‘voice’ analogy below makes the explanation easy to understand, which will be helpful for non-techy consumers.

Sense website copywriting

Sense also worked some nice creativity into their copy with the wordplay seen below. This can be difficult to pull off in tech, as international audiences may not understand certain idioms or double meanings. However, the sub-heading here works even if you don’t understand the reference.

Sense website copywriting

Phrasing a well-known saying in an unexpected way is a much-loved copywriting technique. Neuromarketers have noted that such text produces an unusual brain response and may serve to capture the reader’s attention.

3. Braze

Braze is a SaaS platform that helps brands engage with and understand their customers better. Its website has an undeniably smooth, original feel.

The platform is complex and has bucketload of different capabilities. Despite this, the homepage does a great job of distilling the offer into a short, punchy proposition that addresses a common pain point.

Braze website copywriting

Braze has some really great call-to-action buttons on its site. Rather than sticking to ‘Learn more’, most of the buttons give specific outcomes related to a feature/benefit of the platform.

This is good copywriting for a couple of reasons. First, it helps users find what they want on a site with lots of unique sections to explore. Second, numerous conversion studies have found that CTA buttons with specific outcomes perform better, especially if they have interesting wording.

Braze website copywriting

I’ve previously written about the value of using conversational copywriting, and this is something Braze does well throughout the site. Below is a nice example.

The writing is never self-indulgent, but it comes across as friendly and warm. The voiceover in Braze’s intro video has the same feel, so the company clearly recognises the importance of keeping a consistent tone of voice.

Braze website copywriting

4. Price Intelligently

Prince Intelligently is a software platform that helps businesses to analyse and improve their pricing strategies.

I’m not a huge fan of the intro/proposition section below—there’s a bit too much going on here. However, I love the way the line after the headline gets specific about ‘30% more growth’.

Price intelligently website copywriting

Being specific about what you offer can massively improve selling power. CopyHackers documented how making copy more specific contributed to a 108% lift in revenue in one project. The copy continues to be very specific as we scroll down the page:

Price intelligently body copy

Reading this copy, it’s clear how well PI knows the marketplace of its target audience. This knowledge is vital for high-converting website copy. It allows the company to demonstrate that it understands its audience’s pain, which is part of the classic PAS copywriting formula.

Next, we see this:

Price intelligently copywriting

The copy continues to agitate, building up the tension we readers are feeling. It’s all made so convincing by the way the copy uses real numbers to improve its credibility.  By the time we get to the solution, we can’t wait to get started.  

It’s clear PI isn’t basing its copy on guesswork. Overall, the site illustrates the importance of doing in-depth market research for copywriting. The best SaaS copywriters know that this is a vital part of the writing process, and the only way to write copy that gets in the reader’s head.

5. RightMessage

RightMessage is a platform that helps businesses provide tailored experiences to their website visitors.

RightMessage website copywriting

Their website is slightly unusual for a SaaS, using (relatively) long copy compared to the normal ‘small copy chunks ’approach.

However, there’s no fluff here. Every line of copy is working hard to make a strong sales argument for the solution that RightMessage is offering.  

RightMessage website copywriting

The fact is, there is no ‘right’ copy length.Copy should be as long as it needs to be in order to move the reader through the appropriate stages of awareness.

In this case, it might be that RightMessage is targeting problem-aware prospects. If so, the page would need to make a longer sales argument than if they were targeting prospects who were simply weighing up different solutions.

RightMessage website copywriting

This copy comes right at the very end. Notice that, as we saw with Price Intelligently, RightMessage is being very specific about the increased conversions users can achieve.

The final message about growing the email list ties in with the initial question about 98% of visitors ignoring opt-informs. This follows a well-known copywriting principle, the rule of one. The idea is that the page should be consistent in focusing on one overarching promise for its ideal customer.

That's all, folks!

I'll do more of these reviews in the future, so follow me on Twitter to get updates on my posts.


Cover photo by Eduardo Santos on Unsplash

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