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Jon Evans

Jon Evans is a tech copywriter and content specialist. Based in Barcelona, Spain, he helps startups and agencies to drive traffic and sales with research-driven marketing materials.


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The 13 best freelance SaaS content writers to hire in 2024

If you’re a SaaS company trying to execute a content marketing strategy, you need great writers. Skilled freelancers can help you ramp up content—or bring in niche expertise that you don’t have in-house.

There are tens of thousands of content writers out there, but finding good (and reliable ones) can be tricky. In this article, I’ll list some of the best ones writers working in SaaS today. Contact these folks to shortcut your search and get straight on with producing killer content!

What qualities should you look for in SaaS content writers?

·        Content writing skills.Experienced content writers know how to break down complex topics, relate them to user needs, and subtly weave your brand’s narrative into the story,

·        Researchabilities.Good writers need to explore complex topics and find new angles quickly. Some experienced writers also have interview skills that help them unearth insights from subject matter experts.

·        SEO skills. Skilled writers will understand SEO best practices and how the search engines ‘read’ content. They’ll know how to optimise an article without turning it into a key word-stuffed mess.

·        Professionalism. You’re not just looking for writing skills, but a reliable provider. Look for freelancers with a proven track record, or at least an online profile that suggests they’re dependable and easy to work with.


Non-essential but desirable qualities:

·        Content strategy.Writers will create better content when they understand how it fits into your overall strategy. They can also identify the best topics to create content around so that your marketing strategy has more reach and impact.

·        Niche knowledge.High-level writers will be able to work for almost any niche, so this is a lower priority. However, experience in your niche can help the writer hit the ground running.


Top 13 freelance SaaS copywriters

In no particular order, here are the best freelance SaaS content writers I’ve come across. 

1.   Jon Evans, Electric Copy


Jon Evans is a SaaS content writer based in Barcelona, Spain. His main focus is on bottom-of-funnel content that targets best-fit prospects who are ready to convert.

Originally based in London, Jon worked the marketing agency scene for several years,before focusing on SaaS. He blends expertise in messaging, content strategy,and copywriting to create marketing assets that resonate with target audiences.

Jon’s SEO content has helped clients win 20+ no.1 ranking articles, 30+ featured snippets, and significant boosts in lead generation. 


Jon’s clients include Hotjar, ContentSquare, Glassbox, Microsoft, Adobe, ebay,Philips, plus numerous tech SEO agencies.

Best for:

Bottom-of-Funnel content that targets ready-to-convert customers


2.     Doug Paton, Paton Content

Doug is a writer specialising in long-form content for B2B SaaS. Based in British Columbia, Canada, he offers articles, ebooks, white papers, data sheets and webcopy.

With over 20 years’ experience in content writing, Doug is a true veteran. He has a background in both journalism and children’s writing, allowing him to breakdown complex topics in an effective, engaging way.

Doug also works with companies in the travel, tourism, and outdoors industries.He’s well worth following on Linkedin, as he regularly shares insightful takes on content, marketing, and freelancing. 


Doug Paton has worked for clients like Adobe, National Geographic, Textografo

Best for:

Authority-building technology content


3.     Anna Metcalfe, Canteloupe Marketing

Annais a freelance SaaS content writer based in Great Malvern, UK. She offers a wide range of content services, including blogs, customer stories, and ebooks,with a focus on ‘turning complex into clear’. 

Anna offers her own unique service, StoryMore packages. These packages are designed to help you re-purpose content so you get multiple deliverables from a single content project. Pretty cool! 


Anna’s past clients include Redix software, Coyote software, Xelix, Infomore 

Best for:

Getting multiple content assets from a single customer story


4.     Shadz Loresco

Shadz Loresco is a freelance SaaS content writer based in Manila, Philippines. She specialises in working with global product-led content teams and SEA-based sustainability professionals.

Before being a freelance content writer, Shadz worked full time as a Demand Generation Content Specialist, and later Content Strategist, for Thrive agency. She has 10+ years’ experience as a digital marketer and 3+ years’ experience in business journalism. 

Shadz has worked with some of the best names in SaaS and has been featured in publications such as Forbes Phillipines, Entrepreneur Phillipines, and Rappler. 


Shadz’s past clients include Hotjar, CINNOX, and Pigeonhole Live

Best for

Strategic content for SaaS + sustainability companies


5.     Dana Nicole

Dana Nicole is a B2B content writer and consultant specialising in MarTech. As well as blog writing, Dana offers content strategy services, helping companies decide find the best content creation opportunities.

One of the most impressive writers in this list, Dana’s personal site was named one of the best marketing blogs by FeedSpot. Her portfolio of websites has gained over 2 million visits. 

Dana also has some solid client results under her belt. For example, creating a sales funnel that resulted in $40,000 of revenue during a two-month sales period,according to her website. 


Dana’s clients include ConvertKit, Hotjar, Semrush, and Tailwind 

Best for

Content strategy expertise 


6.     Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is a freelance content writer based in Illinois, USA. She specialises in long-form,top-ranking blog content for eCommerce platforms and the SaaS tools that integrate with them.  

Before becoming a writer, Kaleigh had her own ecommerce business that earned features and accolades due to its successes. Her store generated five figures in profit,and Kaleigh uses her hands-on knowledge of ecommerce marketing to inform her perspectives as a writer. 

Outside of her client work, Kaleigh co-hosts the popular Freelance Writer podcast and Off the Clock podcast. She also offers coaching to other writers, and appears in publications like Vogue Business, Forbes, and Adweek.


Kayleigh’s past clients include Shopify, Stripe, Klaviyo, and BigCommerce

Best for

Content for ecommerce-related software


7.     Rachael Pilcher, Mighty Fine Copy

Rachael is a freelance content writer specialising in SaaS and ecommerce. Originally from New Zealand, she is a full-time digital nomad and is probably basking on a beach somewhere cool right now. 

Before freelance writing, Rachael had her own ecommerce store that she grew into two physical retail stores. She is also a trained paralegal and recently launched digital products that provide legal contract templates for freelancers. 

Rachael has one of the coolest websites in marketing, and posts regularly on Twitter and Linkedin—she’s well worth a follow.


Rachael’s clients include Uber, Stripe, Owler, SemRush, and UserZoom 

Best for

Brand-infused blogs, case studies, and web copy


8.     Mike Keenan

Mike Keenan content writer

Mike Keenan is a content marketing and SEO specialist based in New York, USA. He works with global SaaS brands to create content that establishes authority and drives sales.

Besides being a seasoned writer, Mike also helps clients on a consultative basis,delivering content strategy and optimization. His services focus on finding the best opportunities to get found in Google and create content journeys that generate revenue.

Mike is also the co-founder of Peak Freelance, a membership community for freelance writers who want to scale. He also has cool tattoos!


Mike’s clients include Shopify, Survey Monkey, Segment, ManyChat and Silvertrac 

Best for

Content strategy focused on revenue generation


9.     Stephanie Knapp

Steph Knapp is a freelance SaaS content writer based in Tennessee, USA. She specialises in long-form blog content that authentically speaks to customers and prospects. 

A veteran to the content writing game, Steph has written over 300 blogs for SaaS clients, and counting. She also has some impressive results under her belt,including over 60 blogs that rank in the no.1 position in Google. 

While Steph focuses heavily on blog writing, she’s no one-trick pony, and also has a blog dedicated to SaaS on boarding emails.Outside of work, she volunteers in an animal rescue centre and teaches Spanish.


Steph Knapp’s clients include ConvertKit, Litmus, Vero, ChartMogul, and Postmark

Best for

Expertise in blogs and SaaS onboarding emails  


10. Simonida Jovanovic

Simonida Jovanic is a B2B content writer based in Serbia. She works with both B2B and B2C SaaS, helping her clients develop content that improves engagement,conversion, and retention.

I chose Simonida for this list because of the great tips and advice she shares on Linkedin. She knows a ton about the finer points of content writing and SEO and clearly cares deeply about her craft. 


Simonida’s clients include Ecom Videos, Growth Logiq, Content Growth 

Best for

SEO and content writing expertise


11. Stephanie Trovato 

Steph Trovato is a freelance SaaS content writer specialising in MarTech. Based in New York, USA, she is well-known in marketing circles for her practical,hard-working approach to content and business.

Steph has been published on well-known marketing and SaaS websites including Oracle,Evernote, HubSpot, Act-On Marketing, Investopedia, and Intellimize. She hasalso been interviewed on the Copywriter Club podcast.


Stephanie’s past clients include Eightfold, Tettra, Sendlane, Evernote, and Squarespace. 

Best for:

Copy and content writing services for Martech 


12. Amanda Jackson, Mandaroo Marketing

 Amanda Jackson is a SaaS content writer based in Ohio, USA. She specialises in case studies and blog posts for customer-obsessed B2B SaaS companies.

In addition to working directly with clients, Amanda writes for Beam, who are one of the best SaaS content marketing agencies out there. Besides SaaS, she also supports clients in the non-profit space with content strategy services.

I chose Amanda for this list simply because she has examples on her website showing that she’s a great researcher and writer. Plus, her client testimonials demonstrate that Amanda is reliable and professional.


Typeform,Beam, Podreacher, Trengo, Bitly 

Best for:

Case studies  


13. Marijana Kostelac

Marijana Kostelac is a freelance content writer based in Zagreb, Croatia. She specialises in long-form content for B2B SaaS companies and has one of the most impressive client rosters on this list.

If you’re looking for results, Marijana’s got them in spades. She has some great stats from her past projects—like winning her client 13,000 visits per month via a single top-ranking article. What’s more, she’s achieved significant SEOtraction with her own site via content marketing. 

At the time of writing this, Marijana appears to be preparing to take an extended maternity leave, so get in touch fast if you want her services. Or give her a follow on Linkedin to check out her super helpful tips and insights.

Marijana also runs Freelance Bold, a website with resources and templates for Freelancers.  


Marijana Kostelac’s past clients include Pipedrive, AWeber, Zapier,, Hubspot

Best for:

High-performing blog posts from a reliable and passionate writer



What are the best platforms for hiring SaaS content writers?

Popula rplatforms for finding content writers include Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour,Ndash,, Flexjobs, and Guru. 

However,I can tell you that from the freelancer’s point of view, these platforms are not great. They often put the writer at the mercy of bad clients—for example,on some platforms, the writer cannot get paid until the client approves their work, but clients can take months to deliver feedback if they want to. 

For this reason, most high-quality writers avoid these platforms. My best recommendation is to search for writers on Linkedin, or simply use a search engine to find writers. Many of the best writers have their own websites, andall of them are on Linkedin. 

How much does it cost to hire a quality SaaS content writer?

You can find writers to meet almost any budget, and there are freelancers offering blogs from as little as $10. But the best content writers will usually charge between $700-3000 for a blog post (depending on length and complexity). 

Who are the best SaaS content writers or agencies for engaging and converting enterprise clients? 

Top SaaS content agencies for enterprise include OGM, Flying Cat Marketing, Growfusely, Beam, and Animalz. Top enterprise content writers include Jon Evans, Kaleigh Moore, Marijana Kay, and Mike Keenan. 

Who are the top SaaS content writers with a proven track record? 

SaaS content writers with impressive results and client testimonials include Jon Evans, Kaleigh Moore, Shadz Loresco, Mike Keenan, Rachal Pilcher, Steph Trovato, and Doug Paton.

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