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B2C web copy and in-app short copy

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How to test SaaS messaging (even with a low budget)

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Trusty app

Promoting a B2C app with web copy and in-app copy.

A simple app copywriting job...or is it?

Trusty is an app-in-progress that helps people to request, store and share references. The idea is simple, but there were some hidden challenges under the surface.

Firstly, the app isn’t just for helping people get jobs. People also need references when renting houses, applying for volunteer work or joining hobby groups. For this reason, it was important to hype up the tech without focusing too much on ‘references’, which people automatically associate with formal employment. So to set the scene, I used a headline that spoke to the more general need of ‘showing how awesome you are’.

Trusty website home page

Getting to the point quickly

The other challenge was to show that Trusty has several unique benefits, but without writing loads of text about it. After all, this is the internet and nobody has all day to read about apps. I tried to sum everything up quickly and clearly here.

Trusty webite product description

Tone of voice

People from many different backgrounds might use Trusty, so we couldn’t stray too far from a neutral tone of voice. However, Trusty is a helpful app that’s likely to appeal to younger people, so it made sense to be somewhat friendly and conversational.

Trusty website how it works description

Want to see more?

Trusty is actually a passion project of mine, and is the result of a collaboration with the good people who made the Electric Copy site. The site is currently being updated, but I'll add a link on this page once it's ready.

I also have a lot more portfolio examples on file, but unfortunately I don't have permission to share all of it on a public website. Feel free to contact me if you would like to see some more.

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