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How to do case study interviews that rock

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Bit Zesty B2B web copy

This is a some web copy blah blah blah

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Bit Zesty is a London based-innovation agency. In a nutshell, they make software and help companies improve their tech infrastructure. I’ve helped them produce lots of different marketing materials including emails, white papers, landing pages, case studies and awards entries.

On their home page it was important to appeal primarily to business decision makers, so we tried to keep the language simple and action-based, letting the reader understand what the company does at a glance.

Bit Zesty homepage

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Moving deeper into the services pages, we start to use some more sophisticated terminology, while explaining everything in simple terms for the non-techy business decision makers.

Bit Zesty agile project management service page

Case studies heading

On this deeper pages, the content is meant to be more appealing to technical types, so we start to use more technical terms. However, the technical terms are always balanced out with simple summaries that explain the end benefit of the work.

(I know the screenshot below isn't great quality - click here to read the page on Bit Zesty's site)

Bit Zesty ITV case study

Want to see more?

I have a lot more portfolio work on file, but I don't have permission to share all of it on a public website. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to see some more examples.

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