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How to optimise web copy for voice search (a 5-minute guide)

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Launching Sony electronics products with translation-friendly web copy.

Punchy web writing for global product launches

I’ve been lucky enough to write copy for several important Sony releases, including mobile phones, headphones, portable speakers and in-car stereos.

Sony’s brand voice is based on a single statement: ‘Be Moved’, which expresses the profound effect that the innovative technology has on users' lives. It’s a great brand. However, its international nature presents some interesting challenges to the copywriter.

Because Sony’s English copy is translated directly into other languages, the copywriter is unable to use any wordplay or double meanings. These linguistic tools would normally help us to deliver some extra impact, but generally won’t work when translated into different tongues. Fortunately, there are other ways to craft cool-sounding copy.

Using certain 'power words' can definitely do the trick. I like using the word 'instant', as research suggests it's a psychological trigger that taps into the need for fast gratification.

Extra Bass headphones web page with man pushing tyre
This one was a featured image on the front page of for a while – probably down to the cool picture!

Xperia XZ Premium phone seen from two different angles
Sony headphones product page
Sony phone showing video of base jumper
Well, this one kinda still uses a pun...just don't tell anyone.
Sony xperia phone with PS4
Sony Xperia with slow motion shots on screen
Xperia XZ camera lens
Graphic explanation of Sony smart stamina technology
Sony Xperia XZ phone in different colours

Anything else?

I have a lot more sample work on file, but unfortunately I can't share all of it on a public website. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to see some more examples.

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