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Jon Evans

Jon Evans is a tech copywriter and content specialist. Based in Barcelona, Spain, he helps startups and agencies to drive traffic and sales with research-driven marketing materials.


Six messaging tips to level up your comparison pages

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The 11 best freelance SaaS copywriters

Find SaaS copywriters with expertise in messaging, positioning, and conversion copywriting.

A great freelance copywriter or copy consultant can level up your marketing efforts—but finding one sure ain’t easy. There are hundreds of copywriters out there trying to make a name in SaaS, each one claiming to be an expert.

So, which ones are actually worth investing in?

In this article, we’ll look at 11 freelance copywriters who specialise in SaaS and can help you with your growth challenges.

What factors to consider when choosing a freelance SaaS copywriter?

Every SaaS copywriter will have slightly different experience and expertise, so it’s worth researching how they stack up on different factors:

  • Niche experience. Serious copywriters will be able to get to grips with new markets and products quickly. However, finding freelancers with existing knowledge of your niche can help shortcut the onboarding and research process.
  • Past results. Look for freelancers who can demonstrate results in their testimonials, or at least satisfied clients.
  • Strategic approach. Make sure the copywriter you choose is not simply selling their ability to write well, but also understand SaaS buying journeys and sales strategies.
  • Professional training. Look for freelancers who invest in their own development in some way, e.g. by taking professional training certifications.
  • Personal marketing. Look for providers who at least have the basics in place, like a Linkedin profile and website with convincing writing.

Be warned though—copywriters who tick all these boxes are often booked up for months in advance. So the sooner you start reaching out to potential providers, the better. 

The 11 best freelance SaaS copywriters to hire in 2024

In no particular order, here's my list of the best freelance SaaS copywriters I've come across in my time as a marketer.

Jon Evans, Electric Copy (me)

Barcelona-based Jon Evans is a freelancer with over 11 years of experience in copywriting. He began his career as an agency copywriter in London, working with global brands like eBay, Sony, Samsung and Deloitte. He now focuses on messaging strategy and bottom-of-funnel content creation for SaaS.

Jon has a degree in Psychology and has completed training certifications with CXL, Copyhackers, DigitalMarketer and Hubspot. He has contributed to Wynter and Hackernoon and also shares insights on his blog and YouTube channel.

Outside of marketing, Jon is a rock musician and Brazilian Ji-Jitsu enthusiast.


Jon has extensive experience in Martech, working with clients like Hotjar, Contentsquare, and Glassbox. He has also worked with global tech brands like Abobe, Philips, and Microsoft, along with dozens of startups, agencies, and growth consultants.

Best for: Copy and content for Series B funded startups

Racheal Pilcher, Mighty Fine Copy

Rachael Pilcher is a conversion copywriter who offers copy and content services to B2B SaaS companies. Originally from New Zealand, she has spent the last few years travelling the world while working, and is currently living in Valencia, Spain.

Rachael used to work in law and is a qualified paralegal. She got started as an entrepreneur by opening her own ecommerce store, which eventually grew into a physical retail brand. According to her website, she eventually got bored, sold everything, and decided to travel the world. 

After several years of refining her craft, Rachael now specialises in conversion copywriting and long-form content for SaaS and ecommerce. She has appeared on numerous podcasts and has her own weekly newsletter (which is seriously informative as well as entertaining). 

She also has a personal blog called Taco & Bean where she talks about her adventures as a digital nomad.


Her past clients include Zoho, Unbounce, Stripe, and SEMRush. But she’s also worked for diverse brands like FedEx and Avocados from Mexico.

Best for: Finding the right message for your market

Josh Garofolo, Sway Copy 

Josh Garofolo is a veteran SaaS copywriter and consultant based in Ontario, Canada. He has an academic background in Psychology and worked as a startup coach before moving into SaaS copywriting in 2015. Josh now specialises in helping Series B-funded companies to improve conversions and positioning. 

Without a doubt, Josh is one of the most accomplished SaaS copywriters around today. As well as being a copywriting ace, Josh uniquely has a very high-level understanding of the strategy involved in SaaS market. So much so that he is able to advise customers on strategic challenges beyond copy, such as category creation.


Josh has worked with 100+ SaaS companies, including some of the biggest names in SaaS like Hubspot, Aweber, VWO, and Circle .

Best for: High-level strategic copy consulting from an industry veteran

Diane Wiredu, Lion Words

Diane is a conversion copywriter who specialises in messaging strategy for B2B SaaS companies. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Her website describes her as a blend between positioning consultant, brand marketer and conversion copywriter. Her company’s flagship service is a six-week sprint on research, messaging, and consultation to improve your messaging.

Diane is a very active contributor to the marketing community and has appeared on numerous podcasts, as well as speaking at events like Wynter Games, TCC IRL, and the Allweb conference. She also hosts the Marketing Meetup in Barcelona.


Diane has worked with a wide range of SaaS and marketing companies, including WLL, Reveall, Dash, Chronicle, Zoomforth, CXL and Flying Cat Marketing.

Best for: Research-driven messaging strategy for SaaS

Andrew Yedlin

New York-based Andrew Yedlin is a conversion copywriter and messaging strategist who helps SaaS companies achieve their growth goals. As well as being a master in conversion copywriting, Andrew has a deep passion and understanding of the SaaS marketing landscape.

Prior to being a copywriter, Andrew worked as a product marketing specialist. He contributes to Copyhackers, Wynter, CXL and other leading marketing authorities and was featured in The Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter, a book by Copyhackers.

According to his website, Andrew has spent over five years refining his current process to create results for his clients.


Andrew’s past clients include PayIT, Speero, Invicti Security, Hugo, Leadpops among many more.

Best for: Expertise in conversion copywriting + conversion rate optimisation

Jess Kiernan, Wallaby Copy

Based in North Carolina, USA, Jess Kiernan is an experienced positioning strategist and conversion copywriter for SaaS.

Jess has a clear love for the art and science of copywriting and offers copy chiefing services in addition to her flagship services. She contributes to various marketing authorities and has previously spoken at AdWorld. In addition, she was featured in the Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter by Copyhackers.

Jess offers single-day intensive copy workshops along with larger scale conversion optimisation projects. She also uses her processes to help ecommerce clients with growth goals such as improving AOV and reducing customer churn.


Jess has worked for a wide range of clients including Citrix, Opentext, Spotlightr, Marq, Red Hat

Best for: Copy that hooks and converts

Federico Jorge

Federico Jorge is a SaaS conversion copywriter based in Valencia, Spain. He is the owner of Stack Against, a company that specialises in comparison pages for SaaS.

Federico’s main area of expertise is in helping SaaS companies to compete in crowded markets. He regularly posts about positioning and contributes to Klue as a competitive intelligence advisor.

Federico is THE person to speak to for highly-strategic, search-optimised comparison pages. However, he is also an excellent copywriter for other types of project and works with SaaS clients on a consultative basis.

Check out the interview I did with Federico on my YouTube channel.


Before getting into, SaaS, Federico worked as a copywriter in creative agencies. He has since  worked with SaaS brands like Freshbooks, Circle, Signaturely, and Jasper.

Best for: Comparison pages + Competitive intelligence

Ekaterina Howard

Ekaterina Howard is a SaaS conversion copywriter based in North Carolina, USA. She specialises in working with seed stage, Series A, and bootstrapped startups on messaging, conversion copywriting, and copy optimization projects.

A devoted professional, Ekaterina has certifications from SEMRush, Google, and Coursera. She has a deep understanding of conversion copywriting and marketing, as shown in the copywriting breakdowns on her personal blog.

She is also a regular contributor to marketing platforms and podcasts like Marketing Spark, RevGenius and Userlist’s Better Done Than Perfect. Ekaterina has also spoken at Hotjar’s in-person Hotsauce conference in New York.


Ekaterina has worked for numerous clients including ClickGuard, Parallax, Warmly and Wonderwerk

Best for: Conversion copywriting for seed stage, Series A, and bootstrapped startups.

Stephanie Trovato

New York-based Stephanie Trovato offers copy and content service to SaaS companies. Well-known in marketing circles for her copywriting chops and entrepreneurial prowess, Stephanie is a fountain of great business advice. 

Stephanie’s work has been work featured on many authority sites including Oracle, Evernote, HubSpot, Act-On Marketing, Investopedia, and Intellimize. She has also been interviewed on the Copywriter Club podcast.


Stephanie’s past clients include Eightfold, Tettra, Sendlane, Evernote, and Squarespace.

Best for: Copy and content services with strong business acumen

Alex Napier Holland, Gorillaflow

Alex Napier Holland is a copywriter who helps SaaS companies get more leads and sales. Originally from the UK, he’s a strong advocate for remote working and is now based in Portugal.

Alex previously worked as a software sales executive before moving into copywriting. He is passionate about tech and innovation shines, and this shines through in his enthusiastic and helpful social media posts. He also posts regularly about fitness, self-development, and lifestyle.


According to his website, Alex has worked for over 100 SaaS and technology clients including Adobe, Salesforce and

Best for: Conversion copywriting expertise combined with passion for tech

Annie Bacher

Annie Bacher is a freelance SaaS copywriter based in Argentina. She helps SaaS companies get clear on their messaging and create copy that connects deeply with the right audiences.

In addition to supporting SaaS clients with writing services and workshops, Annie shares her knowledge on a range of marketing platforms. She has been interviewed on podcasts from the Copywriter Club, the Launch Playbook, Nicole Jackson Miller, and more.

Annie is also a certified UX writer and has a team that she can bring into copy projects and workshops.


Annie has had an interesting and varied career as a writer. She previously worked as a freelance journalist, and as an in-house copywriter at major agencies. Past clients include ConvertKit, Pitch and Feedly. She has also worked for major brands like Coca-Cola, United Airlines and T-Mobile.

Best for: Human-sounding copy for SaaS, UX knowledge


That's the end of my list, but I'll update this with any great SaaS copywriters I come across in future. As I mentioned earlier, reputable freelancers are often booked up for months. So if you think you're likely to need copywriting support, start reaching out to these folks ASAP!


Background image credit: Thought Catalog on Unsplash


What are the qualities of a good SaaS copywriter?

A good SaaS copywriter will have a strong grasp of copywriting and persuasion strategies. They will also know how to tailor these to the specific goals of SaaS companies, such as increasing conversions. They may also have skills in search engine optimisation, UX, data analysis, and brand marketing.

Perhaps most importantly, good SaaS copywriters will understand the challenges of the broader SaaS landscape, along with the specific niches they work in. They will be able to think strategically in order to help clients achieve numerous goals simultaneously—for example, improving the clarity of a company’s message whilst also reflecting their brand voice.

As SaaS is highly competitive, SaaS copywriters will often know how to use user and market research to identify the best messages for a specific audience.

Who are the best copywriters in SaaS?

It’s hard to say exactly who is ‘the best’, because most copywriters do not make their work and results fully public. SaaS copywriters with a strong reputation include Rachael Pilcher, Josh Garofolo, Andrew Yedlin, Jess Kiernan, Diane Wiredu and Jon Evans.

What is the difference between a copywriter and a content marketer?

While there is some overlap between the two roles, content marketers focus on creating content that informs and educates audiences. Copywriters focus primarily on marketing materials that influence the reader to take some kind of action.

For example, content marketers might create a strategy for attracting and engaging audiences that involves blogs, videos, white papers, case studies, and ebooks. Copywriters will often create the assets that ‘sell’ the user on reading the content or buying the product they relate to—such as landing pages and product sales pages.

The roles will vary across companies, and many copywriters will often write content too. In my opinion, all copywriters can write content but not all content writers can write copy. This is because many of the skills needed for content writing—like storytelling, simplifying concepts, and writing concisely—are also used in copywriting. However, the techniques of persuasion, empathy and psychology used in copywriting are generally not used in copywriting.

What are the benefits of working with a SaaS copywriter?

SaaS copywriters will help you identify the most effective ways to speak to prospects at specific points in their buying journey. They will help you to optimise your message so that it gets prospects’ attention, speaks to their logical and emotional needs, and sells the benefits of your solution.

What’s more, SaaS copywriters use skills in SEO, UX, market research and Conversion Rate Optimisation to enhance your results. They will typically be adept at writing in a concise, engaging manner that appeals to broad international audiences.

What are some online marketing skills for SaaS copywriters?

SaaS copywriting is subtler than other copywriting disciplines, typically taking a ‘less is more’ approach. However, it’s highly strategic and incorporates market research, user research and data analysis. SaaS copywriters often have skills in SEO, conversion rate optimisation, branding, and UX. 

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