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SEO content that targets ready-to-convert prospects

Many startups begin their SEO journey by creating ‘top of funnel’ educational content to generate traffic. But this kind of content does almost nothing to generate leads or sales.

Most visitors looking for information only want information—they’re not looking for a solution yet. So while educational content can generate traffic, it won’t convert. 

…in fact, if your content doesn’t guide users through the later stages of the consideration process, you’re just ‘warming up’ prospects for your competitors.

When you need early content results, start with a foundation of content that actually converts visitors. Then build the rest of your funnel up from there.

Bottom-of-funnel content specifically targets prospects who are already seeking a solution. They’re looking for last-mile information, like:

  • Which is the best solution in [your product category]?
  • Where can I get a free version of [product]
  • Are there any other products that do the same as [competitor product]?
  • How much does [competitor product] cost?
  • Where can I find reviews of [competitor product]?

When answering these questions, your BOFU content has to carefully position your product for ideal customers. That means strategically choosing how you describe your product, which pain points to speak to, and which features to highlight.

That’s why BOFU strategy goes hand-in-hand with the messaging fundamental service I offer series B funded startups.

Contact me to get a fast foundation of bottom-of-funnel SEO content that strategically positions you for ideal customers.

What you get

  • BOFU strategy
  • 5-15 pieces of search-optimised BOFU content

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“After thoroughly studying our analytics, Jon recommended a content strategy that turned into a success. The pages he created for us are some of our biggest drivers of traffic and are bringing in leads from our target audience every month, even a year after. 

I recommend Jon to any startups looking to grow with content because he is not only an excellent copywriter, but also a creative strategist and a true problem-solver.”

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Anastasiia Shmatina, VP Marketing & Partnerships, Messagenius

“I worked with Jon to rewrite my website copy. He is incredibly professional and a great copywriter. Highly recommend.”

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Maeva Cifuentes, CEO, Flying Cat Marketing

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