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Be the one startup in your market with NON-boring SaaS videos

It’s no secret that SaaS marketers influence each other. But one thing you don’t want to replicate is the snore-inducing videos your competitors make. 

The average person watches 47 minutes of YouTube content daily, and they’re used to the hyper-optimized, dopamine-flooding standard of today’s videos.

So even when your prospects are in ‘work mode’, they’ll close boring videos faster than a wet cat jumps out of a bath.

When you want to create non-boring videos, start with killer scripts that simplify complex business concepts

My scripts subtly apply creative strategies to dial up the awesome in your videos, like:

  • Creating hooks that immediately grab the user’s attention
  • Using ‘open loops’ to tap into your viewers’ need for closure so they keep watching
  • Adding just enough fun to make users remember your content

On top of this, I apply knowledge from my screenwriting diploma to combine punchy, clear language with a compelling visual narrative.

The result: helpful, on-brand videos that your prospects can watch without downing a double espresso first.

Contact me for SaaS video scripts that are fun, punchy, and persuasive.

What you get

  • Scripts for demos, commercials, and explainer videos

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“Jon produces technical, product-focused content of the highest quality for Hotjar. He consistently comes back with content as accurate and detailed as if an internal product writer had produced it. I’ve only been working with Jon for a few months, but I already know I’ll be trying to keep him around for as long as he’ll work with us.”

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Lesley Marchant, Content Marketing Manager, Hotjar

"Jon is always incredibly professional, meets every deadline (no matter how fast the turnaround can sometimes be), is thorough in his work and most of all, delivers what the client is looking for. He is also truly invested in each project and client that he supports."

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Jasmine Lyons, Digital Director at Ketchum Global

“We have worked with Jon for nearly two years now and he has helped us with a number of copywriting projects - from website copy to case studies, blogs, marketing emails and award entries. Jon is great at making even the most complex sound simple. His copywriting skills are second to none. Moreover, he is a pleasure to work with."

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Laura Paplauskaite
Managing Director, Bit Zesty

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