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Give target audiences an inspiring reason to choose your solution

Imagine a single line of text that instantly gets prospects thinking ‘wow, this is just what I need!’

That’s your unique value proposition (UVP) : a clear statement about the primary reason your target audience should buy from you.

Your UVP is the most important line of copy your company has. It’s also the inspiration for important strategic decisions, such as:

  • What your homepage headline says
  • Which user pain points address in your marketing
  • What topics you write articles about
  • Which features your product team builds next

Work with me to develop a value proposition that instantly resonates with your best-fit customers.

In a method-based workshop, I'll help you identify the key ingredients of your value proposition. We'll then develop value proposition ideas and use a step-by-step formula to determine the right one for your business.

Contact me to develop your UVP—and get a rock-solid starting point for your future marketing.

What you get

  • Value proposition workshop
  • Draft + refined value propositions
  • Elevator pitches

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“After thoroughly studying our analytics, Jon recommended a content strategy that turned into a success. The pages he created for us are some of our biggest drivers of traffic and are bringing in leads from our target audience every month, even a year after. 

I recommend Jon to any startups looking to grow with content because he is not only an excellent copywriter, but also a creative strategist and a true problem-solver.”

Photo of Anastasiia

Anastasiia Shmatina, VP Marketing & Partnerships, Messagenius

“Jon produces technical, product-focused content of the highest quality for Hotjar. He consistently comes back with content as accurate and detailed as if an internal product writer had produced it. I’ve only been working with Jon for a few months, but I already know I’ll be trying to keep him around for as long as he’ll work with us.”

Picture of lesley marchant

Lesley Marchant, Content Marketing Manager, Hotjar

“Jon not only wrote the copy for our site, but also helped us pivot to a new brand voice. He created cohesive (and compelling) messaging throughout our entire site which has led to a measurable bump in conversions. His professionality, reliability, and most of all scope of comprehension made working with him a pleasure. He can switch between the 50k foot view and the details of prose at will. All in all, whenever we need new copy written up, Jon is our go-to guy”

Picture of Matt Struve

Matt Struve, Lighter Side of Real Estate

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