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SaaS messaging that strikes a chord with your best-fit customers

After Series B funding, you’re ready to ramp up your marketing efforts. But if your messaging doesn’t connect with your target audiences, your campaigns won’t make the impact you want.

It’s the right time to overhaul your messaging if…

  • Your team isn’t aligned on how to describe your product
  • You solve a bunch of problems for customers, but don’t know which ones to focus on
  • Your prospects don’t understand what you do (or why they should care)
  • Your marketing assets don’t reflect your positioning

Hire me to develop a messaging strategy that differentiates your product and resonates with best-fit customers.

I work with your team to identify and refine core messages that reflect your product’s unique value. And by conducting user research, I ensure your messaging speaks to the needs, desires, and pain points of best-fit customers.

You’ll end up with a practical messaging guide that guides your team in promoting your product—clearly, consistently, and in harmony with your positioning.

    Contact me to get clear, convincing messaging that cuts through the noise in your market

    What you get

    • User research phase
    • Consultation with me
    • Written messaging guide

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    “Jon not only wrote the copy for our site, but also helped us pivot to a new brand voice. He created cohesive (and compelling) messaging throughout our entire site which has led to a measurable bump in conversions. His professionality, reliability, and most of all scope of comprehension made working with him a pleasure. He can switch between the 50k foot view and the details of prose at will. All in all, whenever we need new copy written up, Jon is our go-to guy”

    Picture of Matt Struve

    Matt Struve, Lighter Side of Real Estate

    “I worked with Jon to rewrite my website copy. He is incredibly professional and a great copywriter. Highly recommend.”

    Photo of Maeva Cifuentes

    Maeva Cifuentes, CEO, Flying Cat Marketing

    “Jon worked on web copy for a global launch of two Sony mobile phones. His writing was tight, on-brief, and on-brand. He was able to explain the phone technology clearly and concisely, and we were happy to go live with his copy. I really enjoyed working with him and his team.”

    Photo of Diana Hernandez

    Diana Hernandez, Global Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile Communications

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