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Writing website content is hard for any business. And if you’re in tech, you have unique challenges that many other industries don’t.

What you sell isn’t cheap. But people enjoy buying products that are useful or enjoyable. Paying more often isn’t the problem – whether people understand the value of your offer and feel good about it is.

Plus, you need to speak to multiple audiences. People want your products for various reasons. And for B2B tech, you may need to convince several decision makers for every sale.

You also need to beat the competition. That means skilfully showing how your tech is better, while also having a brand that instantly wins trust.

Doing all this at the same time is tough. Fortunately, you have a secret weapon: me!

Web copy is my speciality

Everything in web copy package is designed to overcome these problems for you. I have the patience needed to get to grips with your tech, and the perfectionism it takes to explain it correctly.

The writing itself is done in stages, using my CLAPS system for explaining technology. I also deliver the copy in a handy wireframe format, so you can see what it would look like on your website.

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What you get

  • Consultation with me
  • Key web page copy (Home/About)
  • Wireframes showcasing copy

Add-ons available upon request (e.g additional pages)

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“In the process of rebranding and finding our new brand voice, Jon did an excellent job of turning our tech talk into a web copy our customers can actually understand, relate to, and something we are very proud of!"

Anja Moskon, Marketing Communications Manager, Adacta

Adacta logo

“Jon not only wrote the copy for our site, but also helped us pivot to a new brand voice. He created cohesive (and compelling) messaging throughout our entire site which has led to a measurable bump in conversions. His professionality, reliability, and most of all scope of comprehension made working with him a pleasure. He can switch between the 50k foot view and the details of prose at will. All in all, whenever we need new copy written up, Jon is our go-to guy”

Picture of Matt Struve

Matt Struve, Lighter Side of Real Estate

“Jon worked on web copy for a global launch of two Sony mobile phones. His writing was tight, on-brief, and on-brand. He was able to explain the phone technology clearly and concisely, and we were happy to go live with his copy. I really enjoyed working with him and his team.”

Photo of Diana Hernandez

Diana Hernandez, Global Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile Communications

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